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Hampshire has always been open about its desire to upgrade the club, as well as bring a high-quality residential use to the property. Since 2010, Hampshire has invested in upgrades to the golf course, tennis facilities and clubhouse. Hampshire remains committed to trying to preserve the club as a vibrant recreational resource for the Mamaroneck Community.

The Village Board refused to consider Hampshire’s Zoning Petition in 2014, and instead, indicated that Hampshire should pursue a development under the existing zoning before the Planning Board. In accordance with the Village Board’s direction, Hampshire is now pursuing a 105-unit Planned Residential Development (a/k/a the PRD Project) before the Planning Board. The PRD Project is consistent with the existing R-20 Zoning at Hampshire’s Property. The maximum residential density at the Property under the Village’s PRD Regulations is 205 units. Hampshire’s PRD Project only proposes 105 residential units.

Hampshire and its team of professional consultants have worked diligently to substantively respond and address each of the Planning Board’s and public’s comments on the DEIS. Hampshire submitted its proposed Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on October 10, 2018. Hampshire’s PRD Project is in full compliance with New York State and Village of Mamaroneck Law.

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