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Dear Neighbor,

In 2010, after nearly a century of operations, the Hampshire Country Club was forced to close due to financial woes exacerbated by the financial crisis and declining membership. The Club’s struggles were reflective of the challenges faced by a growing number of private country clubs nation-wide and the Westchester area in particular. As a result, many clubs have been forced to evaluate alternatives to purely operating as golf and recreational facilities. In Hampshire Country Club’s case, that alternative is to transform a portion of the property to residential use. These beautifully-designed, eco-friendly carriage homes and single family residences, which fully comply with the property’s current R-20 zoning, will subsidize the Club’s operations and provide significant tax and employment benefits to the region and our community. We encourage you to consider the facts for yourselves to determine what is best for Mamaroneck’s future and we look forward to continued community engagement.

Susan Goldberger
Senior Project Manager
Hampshire Country Club


How will this development benefit the town?
Our plan will initially generate approximately $5.2 million in property taxes which will increase over time. The total increase in tax revenue (versus current Hampshire taxes) is projected to exceed $4.8 million annually and will add $2.4 million in school funding. In addition, roughly 125 local jobs would be created or saved. As evidenced by the proliferation of tear-downs in the community, there is strong demand for new, environmentally sophisticated single family housing.

How will the project benefit the school district?
Our plan will provide roughly $2.6 million to the local school district. 57 new students are projected to enroll in local public schools since the carriage homes will be targeted to empty–nesters who likely will have fewer school-age children, compared with approximately 109 new students if the 205 single family homes allowed under current zoning are constructed. After allowing for the projected cost of educating 57 new students, the net fiscal benefit to the Mamaroneck school district equates to $1.5 million annually.

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