Benefits of the Project



  • Plan preserves over 50 acres of open space/recreation, which is more than 50% of the property.
  • Ingress and egress points will be enhanced with aesthetically pleasing details including lush landscaping; modern bike lanes connecting Hommocks Road to Cove Road will be introduced throughout the property.
  • PRD plan provides 105 ultra-luxury residential units allowed as-of-right to fully comply with the property’s R-20 zoning, within an efficient, architecturally compatible planned layout.
  • Golf course to be professionally re-designed as a 9-hole course, which will appeal to today’s busy lifestyles.


  • The traffic flow study included in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) showed no significant adverse impact on area traffic operating conditions. In fact, there will be no changes to the Level of Service of intersections studied, and delays at these intersections are projected to increase by only 1 second or less.
  • Empty Nesters, the largest segment of the target market, generate less traffic than younger families during peak school and work hours.

Flood Plan

  • Development will be performed in FEMA-designated 100-year floodplain areas, lifting the proposed residences four feet above the current flood elevation. The roadway system introduced by the project will provide access above the flood elevation making it safe for development residents and improving flood access to the surrounding neighborhood.
  • The site elevations and landscape treatments have been designed to protect future residents while providing orderly discharge of heavy rain and flood waters back to the Long Island Sound.
  • New site roadways have been positioned above the flood elevation. Hampshire is to be designated as a neighborhood emergency evacuation route for our neighbors during extreme weather.

Fiscal Benefits

  • Expected to generate approximately $5.5 million in taxes annually, including approximately $1.55 million net (after costs associated with 57 new students) in annual school taxes, which would be enough to fund eliminated programs without increased taxes on our neighbors.
  • Total increase in tax revenue (versus current Hampshire annual taxes) is forecasted to be in excess of $4.8 million per year.
  • 61 carriage homes will be targeted toward empty nesters that typically have fewer school-aged children living with them, adding very few students to the public school rolls.
  • Plans have been designed to minimize the impact on Village and Town resources.
  • Luxury carriage homes will be designed to appeal to empty nesters looking for low maintenance, resort style amenities and the stability of remaining in the community they love in close proximity to life-long friends, family and their chosen places of worship.
  • Single family residences will be designed with the latest in modern technology and will appeal to those in the community looking to step up to a larger home and experience the benefits of the adjacent club facilities.

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