Letter To The Editor: Flood Safety Of The Residences Development

The article below was written by Michael Junghans, PE Kimley-Horn of New York, PC and Published June 21, 2019 in The Patch

As a civil engineer with Kimley-Horn, one of the nation's premier planning and design consultants, I'd like to apply my 28 years of experience to provide some clarity on the issue of flood safety as it pertains to The Residences at Hampshire in Mamaroneck, one of our recent design projects.

My colleagues and I have devoted considerable time and resources to evaluating floodplain management at the development site. The Residences is designed not only to keep its residents safe according to current flooding patterns, but also to address even the most drastic credible estimates of sea level rise in the future. Even if the current FEMA 100-year flood level were to rise an additional four feet above its current 12-foot elevation, the homes would remain out of harm's way during the worst flooding.

In addition — for the first time ever — there will be a safe exit route out of the neighborhood for residents on Cove Road and Eagles Knoll Road in the event of a flood. This route would provide safe passage for all homeowners (not just those living in The Residences) and emergency vehicles during storms.

The question raised repeatedly by the Village Planning Board is whether or not this new elevation would redirect flood waters or a surge from Long Island Sound onto adjacent properties. Both we and the Village Board's experts have cited Flood Model data indicating that the development would not result in any such displacement.

The data and studies confirming the flood-soundness of The Residences has been thoroughly vetted by the Village Planning Board's experts and made available to the public for months, if not years. They have accepted our modeling, as well as the conclusion that the proposed development would not exacerbate flooding in the neighborhood. Therefore, as we approach the end of the SEQRA review process, we are confident in the data and modeling presented in the draft FEIS. The place to find the facts about The Residences is within those studies, publicly available on the Village of Mamaroneck's website, as the approval process continues.

Michael Junghans, PE
Kimley-Horn of New York, PC