Mamaroneck, NY: Village Agrees To Pay $4.75 Million To Yeshiva

The article below was Published January 15, 2008 in The Yashiva World (Source: Newsday)

The village has reached a $4.75 million settlement with an Orthodox Jewish school that it had fought over its expansion plans. Mamaroneck Mayor Kathy Savolt says the settlement with the Westchester Day School is the largest in the village’s history.

The Westchester Day School had considered seeking $22 million in damages. But the school’s attorney, Stanley Bernstein, says they had no desire to “cripple the village.”

The Westchester Day School has sought since 2001 to construct a 44,000-square-foot building in an upscale neighborhood of the village of Mamaroneck – as reported on YW – but the village zoning board denied its request, setting off the legal fight.